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We are also available to supply larger trees above 12 foot. Prices will vary depending on location and tree type. Pease contact to arrange a tailored price.

Type/Size Scotch Pine Nordman, Fraser fir
12 foot n/a £140
11 foot n/a £125
10 foot n/a £105
9 foot n/a £95
8 foot n/a £80
7 foot £55 £70
6 foot £50 £60
5 foot £45 £50
4 foot n/a £40


The Fraser Fir is a beautifully shaped tree with needles which are flat, deep green with a blue/grey underside and have good needle retention.
Nordman firs are the most favoured tree in Scotland. The trees are pruned to give a good full and uniform shape. This is a cut tree without roots and requires a stand.
The Scots Pine has it's own unique scent, feel and shape. Stiff branches make it ideal for supporting decorations making it one of the most common trees.