Edinburgh's Number 1 Christmas Tree Supplier

Elegant Trees has the highest quality Real Christmas Trees available to customers throughout Edinburgh. We were one of the first retailers to offer Christmas trees delivered to your door free of charge and each year growing from strength to strength. We buy our trees direct from local farms, giving them a fresh feel and look.

There are many ecological advantages of a real Christmas tree over an artificial Christmas tree, being both biodegradable and recyclable. Each acre of Christmas trees produces the daily oxygen requirement of 18 people.

If you want an authentic great quality tree delivered to your door any time of day then look no further.

The Fraser Fir is a beautifully shaped tree with needles which are flat, deep green with a blue/grey underside and have good needle retention.
Nordman firs are the most favoured tree in Scotland. The trees are pruned to give a good full and uniform shape. This is a cut tree without roots and requires a stand.
The Scots Pine has it's own unique scent, feel and shape. Stiff branches make it ideal for supporting decorations making it one of the most common trees.