Elegant trees

Krinner Premium stand 8ft

Sold out.

The leading European manufacturer of premium

Christmas tree stands.


A patented single-linkage technique, part of all Krinner stands,

uses a foot pedal to tighten clamps around the tree trunk, holding

the tree firm, secure and straight.


Ingeniously simple, very easy to use and of the highest quality it also has

a water level indicator that pops up when the level is high enough and

indicates top up as the gauge falls.

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Welcome to the Elegant Trees Christmas tree store 2021. What could say Christmas more than a real Christmas tree delivery from Elegant Trees. Please select your tree plus stand then proceed to your shopping cart. We offer 3 hour delivery slots and you can add your delivery date and time on the payment screen. Free real Christmas tree delivery in the Edinburgh area. Other delivery options available. Covid 19 means we are now delivering via contactless delivery. Our service will mean we will be delivering to your door only. We have taken this decision to keep our self and customers safe.